*******ANSWERING SERVICE********

What is an answering service?

It is a telecommunication service provided by a company to handle incoming telephone calls. A message is taken and then delivered according to the client's instructions. These calls are handled by real human beings.

This service offers three essential functions in the relation between a company and its customers:

  1. Forwarding urgent calls to the personal level of custody
  1. Call filtering to protect low priority company personnel
  1. Provide an "office secretary" to manage the company's surplus work


Services optimization for exceptional customer service

It considers your business as its own; which means the entire answering service staff is trained to provide your customers an efficient experience. Answering service team is highly trained with professionalism. Answering service develops a personalized plan with a company to make sure customers receive a seamless experience.

It helps to maintain one phone number with the possibility of routing calls to the agent or department he/she is trying to reach.

Work 24/7 with a Phone Answering Service

Answering service gives the opportunity of businesses to run 24/7 even though the business is only opened for specific hours. This service gives the possibility of companies to stay in touch with their clients during off hours.

Answering Service Around Company's Needs

Answering service measures its effectiveness and success by means of a statistical study with in depth analysis. In the event of a failure, answering service makes recommendations on how customer service experience can be improved and therefore maximize investment.

Answering service is crucial for a company's customer experience since its maybe be the first point of contact for the client. We all know first impression counts! Its helps to keep customer proximity with client and should cautiously be handled and monitored. See how #KmerOutsourcing can use the above strategy without breaking the budget to give your customers the experience they have always dreamt of

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